Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Contact: ACS Indiana Mentorship committee


Looking to give back and guide a young adult with their career goals? Or are you maybe looking for guidance with your own professional development? Email the mentorship committee to find out how ACS can help!

Mentorship Programs: An Underutilized Tool in an Employee Engagement Toolbox

Background: The ACS mentorship program came into being in 2020 when Christine Skaggs, an IUPUI alumni, identified a need in the student body for connections to industry chemists as well as to those in acadamia. Additionally, the majority of students were often unaware of ACS, or the benefits it brings to its members. To address this, we successfully applied for funding from the Senior Chemists Committee for a mentorship program, and we have only grown from there!

How does it work? Both student and mentor should be ACS members and fill out questionnaires to help facilitate a match. Once paired up, an initial introductory meeting will be set up by the organizing committee. Both parties will sign an agreement and determine meeting expectations and frequency. As a virtual option is always available, you do not have to be close by to participate!

What happens after? You are more than welcome to continue your mentoring relationship, and additionally request a new match to expand your network! Finally, you will be asked to fill out a follow up survey so that we can continue to grow and improve.

So you want to be a mentor/mentee? It’s easy! Download the mentor or mentee questionnaires, and email the filled out form along with your CV. Then sit back, relax, and prepare to be matched!

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