Greg Smith, PhD

Greg Smith, PhD

Gregory Dale Smith, PhDIndiana Local Section Alternate Councilor

Greg Smith analyzing a painting with scientific equipment

As a cultural heritage chemist at Indianapolis’ Newfields museum, Greg is a proselytizer for the interface between the Arts and the Sciences.  His research covers technical art history, the science of conservation treatments of artworks, and arts-based approaches to chemistry education.  Greg has been a local section committee chairperson, organizing the popular “Chemistry of …” lectures that have covered chemistry’s relationship to art, archaeology, and even music. 

For the National ACS meeting in Indianapolis this Spring, Greg is organizing “Night at the Museum: Crossroads of Chemistry and Art” for attendees where you can see scientists and conservators at work while taking a chemistry-themed tour of the collection and socialize with colleagues.

Add this event when you register for the ACS Spring 2023 meeting (

To learn more about Greg’s lab, his research, and exhibitions he has curated, visit these online videos:

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